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I really, really like this game, but it is way too laggy on my laptop.

I think this has decent potential, but what it really needs is a sense of progress.

There's only one level, so it gets really boring. Maybe try changing the sets of numbers spawned or the size of the stage at various scores. It also doesn't help that the graphics are really drab. Even if you only added a nicer border and colored the tiles according to their number it would be so much better.

Finally, the music doesn't work for me.

First of all, the sponsorship intro is really long. It's deterring for something you know is pretty much going to be Space Invaders, and it feels like a money grab.

More importantly, this is UNFAIR HARD for two good reasons:
1. There are times when half or more of the enemies will shoot at once. These walls of shots are pretty undodgeable. There's a good reason why classic space invaders had three shields that wore down over time. But also, maybe limit how many invaders are shooting at once?
2. One hit from shouldn't restart the level (I never got past the first level to know if it restarts the game). At least give a few lives.

As a couple of relatively minor issues, the hitbox on your fighter is a bit tall, and the SFX are way louder than the music. (Turn the SFX down, the music is nice and ambient as is.)

I like the power up system, but it just feels really obvious and cheap.

A few critical things:

- You should definitely keep the player from holding down an attack key and moving around. It's pretty instawin.
- The E attack animation isn't very clear.
- If you're going to keep the rap music, 100% include an option to turn it off. I definitely preferred the charm of the title music although it's a pretty short loop. The title in general reminded me of really old school games which I loved. But looped music in general can annoy people, so turning it off is a must.
- In the long run, the background will need more details to be interesting. There's a lot of empty space.

I think this has potential as a throwback, but it's super rough.


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